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The Primary Seven Leavers (Boys') Engagement Programme Timetable

To register your son in the programme please fill in the registration form or contact Dora on 0774 040 909 for more details. You can also do a good job of forwarding this message to another mum out there who has a P.7 Leavers who might find this program relevant.

Week One In Partnership with KCCA - LANDSCAPING DEPARTMENT Boys & Construction
Boys & Flower Gardening
Boys & Landscaping
Boys & Tree planting
Boys & Engineering
Week Two Job Placement Week Our boys will be placed in different organisations to learn basic of work.
Such organisations include but not limited to;
Supermarkets, Bookshops, Cafeterias, Coffee Shops, Banking Halls, Radio Stations

By placing our boys to work in such influential places a few days, (Mon - Sat), our boys will be able to learn one of the most important but rare skill in life. The People Relations skill. We want our boys to learn how to interact with people in real life besides talking chatting on Facebook & Whatsapp. With such busy places, boys will participate in (light) work that requires communication skills.

JUST AS THEY ARE: This program is a great start and a great opportunity to reinforce what positive responsibility really is! Start preparing today.
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