Our Programme


The BOYS’ MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME- Season 3 is taking place at the Youth Mission Adventure - Jinja on 04th-09th September 2017. The sole purpose of this interactive program and camp is to share & teach the principles of manhood and dream building to our young men. The MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME will help our young men to realize their potential and envision a future where they are physically and emotionally equipped, responsible and productive men of tomorrow. MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME is for Boys 07yrs -19 Yrs.

Season Three Timetable

To register your son in the programme please fill in the registration form or contact Dora on 0774 040 909 for more details.

Monday- Satuarday 04:30 Wake/Morning Devotion
Monday- Satuarday 05:00 Morning Drills
Monday- Satuarday 07:45 Work Crew/Dormitory clean-up/Bathing
Monday- Satuarday 08:30 Assembly/Daily Goals
Monday- Satuarday 09:00 Breakfast
Monday- Satuarday 10:00 Group Sessions
Monday- Satuarday 13:00 Lunch
Monday- Satuarday 14:00 Team Assigments
Monday- Satuarday 16:00 Drill & Workout
Monday- Satuarday 19:00 Shower/ Dinner / Journal Writing
Monday- Satuarday 20:00 Daily Evaluations / Goal setting
Monday- Satuarday 21:00 Light Out /Quiet


  • Full Registration fee
  • Jumper (1)
  • T-shirts (2)
1 Travel Bag -Helmet & Gloves (Working Gloves) -A Bible, Note-Book & A Pen - Enough Clothing for 6 days (N.B. Clothing must be decent) -1 Pair of bed sheets & cover, Mosquito net -Enough Sanitary. (Vaseline, Paste, Brush e.t.c) -Converse/Gumboots -Sandals (All items should be labelled) WHAT YOU DON’T NEED FOR THE PROGRAMME -Bike - Phones, IPads, etc. (Any electronic gadget will not be allowed) -Video Games, DVD’s, Magazines, etc. (Anything destructive will be disqualified) -Mattress, Basins, Jerry cans Buckets -School Uniforms -Pocket Money.-Forks, Plates.


VERY IMPORTANT; Please understand that all MENTORSHIP activities will be based on Christian Values and Teaching. Any unethical behaviors such as: Fighting, Bullying, Homosexuality, Abusive language, Disobedience / Disrespect, Laziness, Theft and more in that category cannot and will NOT be tolerated in this CAMP and will be dealt with accordingly.